Promoter Teksupport Offers Statement About Cancelled Eric Prydz Show


An unfortunate thing happened last weekend after Eric Prydz kicked off his spring club tour in New York with two sold out nights. Fans packed into NYC to see his four-hour set, but in the end, only one of those performances happened. The promoter, Teksupport, is just now giving a statement via Twitter.

Prydz performed Friday night until about 5am, dropping a large mass of Pryda classics and fan favorites. The setlist was one that would make his deepest fans very envious of the people who got to witness. This only built the anticipation for Saturday, but as the night rolled along, and fans waiting outside the venue they were devastated to hear the news that the show would not be happening. City officials were present and shut down the event, but no clear reason has been presented yet. Teksupport finally offered up a statement yesterday, but did not provide much detail into a reason for the shutdown. All they basically said was they were not informed until late in the night of the irreversible shutdown, as fans were stuck outside for hours with no explanation of what was going on. Some think licensing and permit issues, or fire code violations, but one that that is clear is that this is not Teksupport’s first time with these kinds of problems.

There hasn’t been much word from Prydz’s, but he did retweet Teksupports message. Things like this are saddening to hear about even if you weren’t there because we all know what kind of an investment it is to buy tickets, fly to another city and make all the arrangements necessary to go to an event like this. Let’s hope the truth comes out soon and this never happens again.