Porter Robinson Freshens Up Worlds Show at Okeechobee

Porter Robinson‘s Worlds Live Show has become one of the most iconic shows in dance music. The music and the unique visuals have been captivating audiences around the world, and as Porter Robinson prepares to retire the show he has revisited it to give it a fresh coat of paint. Over the weekend at Okeechobee Music Festival, Porter performed the Worlds show but audiences could not help but notice the fun new tweaks that he added to the show.

Over at Porter’s subreddit, his biggest fans attempted to highlight the various changes. According to them, this newer Worlds show was first introduced at Electric Forest in 2016, but Divinity x Shelter was added during Voodoo Festival in 2016. However, Porter’s newest collaboration with Madeon, “Shelter“, was sprinkled throughout the show in various ways. Check out the changes listed from reddit below and you can watch the full set above.

Sad Machine – Ocarina lead is back

Unison – Shelter melody played during drop

Fresh Static Snow – Pixel lead from Spitfire played during 2nd drop

Fellow Feeling – Shelter played during the vocals along with Shelter visuals

Hear The Bells – Plays the lead more in the second drop

Lionhearted – Plays the drop lead more

Shepherdess – Porter sang a bit of Shelter

Flicker – The Glory drums during the Astre remix

Goodbye To A World – Great Fairy Fountain Theme is back