Justin Bieber Allegedly Shape-Shifted Into A Giant Lizard With Turd Colored Scales

Justin Bieber has long been a household name around the world. He’s the 21st century’s Michael Jackson – king of pop. In the annals of the EDMTunes world, he has consistently been found collaborating with major electronic music producers or having his own originals remixed. He is the quintessential product of an Internet generation.

While a Bieber news story isn’t always going to make EDMTunes headlines, this one was too good to pass up. In addition to being a YouTube sensation, platinum selling recording artist, and regular playboy clubber, Justin Bieber may also, possibly, could actually be a giant reptile (but probably isn’t).

The Bieber-lizard (or Alizustin for short) was let loose during Justin’s “Purpose” world tour in Australia. According to an article published on Cosmopolitan.com, hundreds of fans who came to see Bieber at the Perth Airport witnessed a full reptilian transformation. Primary source reporting included descriptions such as “greenish-brown claws”, “full female reptilian form”, and “turd colored scales”.

Finally, one super-credible news outlet actually labeled Bieber’s recent transformation as further evidence that the pop icon is actually a member of a “dominant reptilian-Illuminati bloodline”. As electronic music fans, this is where we draw the line. Gender-specific turd scales is about as far as we can take this story. But if you’re really interested in hearing more about it, check out the below YouTube video: