Source Close To Daft Punk Claims Alive 2017 Tour Plans Are Underway

daft punk

French duo Daft Punk could be relieving their longtime fans of all the built up anticipation soon, as the year is 2017, 10 years since their last world tour. If you haven’t caught on yet, Daft Punk has a tradition of only doing tours once every decade, making it very hard to be a fan of them and even harder to see them multiple times in a lifetime. They have played award shows in recent years, but a live show from them is a rare phenomenon.

Recently, a new website, Alive2017, was launched, marking the first clue. Then, a cryptic video with GPS locations came out. Now, Playboy Magazine is reporting a source inside the group’s production company is confirming that plans for a huge tour are underway. Every year, fans get their hopes up for a live performance only to be let down, so we will be patient. But the one difference this year….it is finally 10 years from their last tour. If they were ever going to do another one, this is when they would. We shall wait and see.