Arty’s ALPHA 9 Was a Breath of Fresh Air

alpha 9

Arty presents ALPHA 9 @ ASOT800

Ultra 2017 was loaded with artist aliases, new and re-awakened. In fact, Sunday’s A State of Trance stage featured 4 trance aliases. Undoubtedly one DJ who made the most of his alias was Arty presents ALPHA 9.

After dabbling in future house and future bass, hearing classic sounding Arty was fresher than the CO2 blasts shooting throughout the megastructure. If you loved Arty in the days of “Kate“, “Trio“, and “Mozart” then you will absolutely love what he brought to the table as Alpha 9. The set combined Arty classics with new ALPHA 9 material and favorites like Pryda’s “Juletider”. The only downside is that he played the 2pm slot, so many fans simply couldn’t get there in time. Arty told Armin van Buuren during his radioshow that he was more nervous for this performance than even his first major show at ASOT550 in Den Bosch.

Perhaps the only negative is that the set was in the 2pm slot and fans just couldn’t get there in time. However, after this performance we trust we’ll see more of ALPHA 9 soon. Better yet, ALPHA 9 kicked off a brand new tour at Ultra Miami as he begins to kriss-cross the country. Do yourself a favor and listen to the set and snag a ticket when ALPHA 9 comes to your town.