Last year, leading festival discovery communities, Everfest and Fest300, joined forces to create an epic list of the top 300 festivals around the world. Now, they’re back with fresh picks of the most unique, diverse, and creative festivals that definitely made a splash this year.

Eamon Armstrong, Everfest’s Global Curator, said himself that “Each November we run a crowdsourcing campaign in which we remove 30 festivals from our list of 300 and ask the international festival community to vote on new ones.

By doing so, Everfest works with the community itself to compound a list that genuinely represents the spirit of “festivalhood”.

On the list you might see some familiar festivals but guaranteed that there are dozens that will grab your attention and hold on tight. The list captures the diversity of festivals around the world as over 70 different countries are featured with 54% of them focused around music. North America locks down 37% of the list with the growing trend of “Conscious Gatherings” in which music is not the only thing attendees are in for. Additionally, destination festivals have become increasingly more popular as exotic locations are all the hype.  

Festivals have proven to be more than just their size and location; as a combination of other elements strengthen the overall live event experience. The Fest300 is known to recognize the ever-changing festival scene in regards to music, visual art, film, yoga, and global culture. The growing demand for festivals has shaped the way attendees seek out their next meaningful event experience.

More and more people turn to digital mediums to learn about the countless aspects that make a festival worthy of their time. When Everfest and Fest300 merged in 2016, their purpose was to provide the global community a trusted and innovative authority on what they know best. That’s why we recommend you take a peek at the list and plan your next adventure.