Tim Legend Celebrates 30 Million Spotify Streams of “Hope” with Official Music Video

Photo: Matt Benton

Tim Legend feat. BRAVE – HOPE (Official Music Video)

Tim Legend has a lot to be happy about already this year. The young South Carolinian recently turned a milestone in life by turning 18, but the real milestone he’s been celebrating is the 30,000,000 stream count on his debut single “Hope.” This ubiquitous track released with BRAVE absolutely dominated playlists at the back end of 2016, and it’s still going strong. Ultra Records was keen on signing this young visionary, and have helped realize the true creative potential of the track with an official music video. Now you can listen to BRAVE’s sumptuously smooth vocals and that addictive melody to a visual story of dreams coming true.

Tim Legend feat. BRAVE – Hope | Spotify 

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