Ministry Of Sound Creates First Fitness Nightclub

Ministry Of Sound

No matter what your preferred style of dancing is, grooving for 6 hours straight is a workout in itself.  Most people can relate to the soreness felt after a long night of dancing, and there are striking similarities in the exhaustion post festival and post leg day at the gym.  London’s top dance music label, Ministry of Sound, decided to take this one step further and open the very first fitness night club.  The social movement, “Ministry Does Fitness”, has the ultimate goal of promoting health and wellness through the power of music. Ministry of Sound had already succeeded in the fitness realm when they created their Pump It Up DVD series, and now, they are taking over a hidden booze storage room.

It’s like your favorite group work out class, but replace the cheesy old 80s mix for some serious bass on nightclub-worthy speakers.  With seven different training stations and classes geared towards fat burn, cardio, strengthening and toning, you can expect to break a serious sweat.

Electronic music has taken over the fitness world with it’s pulsating beats, creating the perfect motivation to push yourself just a little bit harder. With sets and mixes perfectly curated to the class style, it’s the type of club that you won’t feel guilty about going to the next day.  Afterwards, you can unwind with a nice cocktail or two at the fully stocked bar for some well deserved relaxation time.