James Wiltshire Shares History Of Techno In Point Blank’s Style Guide

It’s rare to see a proper, in-depth visual history of any electronic music genre explained – Point Blank does this with grace and style – while segueing into great detail about the basics of techno and some unique strategic tips to ensure productions sound original from the start. James Wiltshire, a legend in the industry and all-out expert on the history and impact of dance music, gives the chronological play-by-play of techno as he discusses the history and sound design of the genre. He dives into everything from literature, philosophy, and geography that influenced the genre within the first few minutes while vintage footage fills in the visuals, locking your interest for the rest of the ride.

If you’re a young tech-head looking to dive into the genre and want to have a confident platform to build off of, there’s no better place to start than the video. Point Blank features part 2 of the video on their YouTube, so be sure to check it out if you enjoyed what you saw.