Family Guy Takes On Dance Music With DJ Peter

family guyPeter Griffin, everyones favorite Family Guy, tested out his “talents” in the DJ world during the mid-season premiere on FOX last night. The episode, ‘Peter’s Def Jam’, hilariously pokes fun at all the stereotypical thoughts that arise when thinking of the electronic music scene.  All it takes is Peter accidentally playing two songs at once with a few screaming noises added in to get himself discovered.  Confused by the fact that he was offered a gig, he starts to wonder “but how could I be a DJ? I’m just a guy with a laptop and inflated self image.” Oh silly, silly Peter.

The rest of the Family Guy episode is full of light-hearted jabs at the electronic scene.  Including the night club owner exclaiming “You’ve been playing the same song for 14 hours, that’s how I know you’re good!” and Lois telling Peter that a middle aged man can’t be a DJ.  Try telling that to Diplo, Lois. Falling deep down the rave lifestyle rabbit hole, Peter wakes up one day only being able to hear a familiar constant high pitched ringing, and has officially gone deaf.  He probably should have listened to our teams tips on wearing ear plugs, as this is a feeling that we know all too well.

While his DJ career may have been short lived, Peter and the gang might have been one of our favorite breakout acts of 2017.  You can watch the debut performance below, or the entire episode on FOX.

H/T: Mixmag