Manchester’s Factory 251 Has Its Ceiling Collapse

Factory 521

Recently, the ceiling of Factory 251 nightclub in Manchester collapsed. The club was packed but no injuries were reported. About half a room’s worth of ceiling fell onto club goers who held the plaster up with their bare hands.

Here a video of the event shows the screams and confusion that occcured Sunday morning:


Club Attendee Tom Foster told the Tab Manchester, “It was definitely the strangest experience I’ve had on a night out! The room was absolutely packed and I was looking at the ceiling and it just fell out, the glass LED light strips all smashed into everyone and then they seemed to be holding up half a rooms worth of ceiling board.”

Factory 251 has had similar incidents happen before with their ceiling falling including one that injured seven people three years ago. The club had also stated that the loose piece of plaster from the 2014 incident was a contributing factor for the ceiling’s collapse. Earlier this week, the club could not find the source of the problem, but was able to state that no injuries occurred.

Factory 251 reopened the following Monday with the following statement:

They are continuing to party by releasing 1000 free entry tickets to this weekend’s parties to make up for the previous weekend’s disaster. Let’s hope the ceiling stays intact this time.