Berghain Set to Debut New Floor “Säule” in March


More news from the infamous club Berghain in Berlin that no one can seem to catch a glimpse of inside. A new floor will be opening in March called Säule, yet the location of this secret new “level” have yet to be disclosed to the public. Säule, which means “pillar” in German, is thought to be the ground-floor area that has recently been under construction. Located directly under the main Berghain dance floor, the new experience will debut Thursday, March 23rd with experimental acts Alessandro Adriani, Deena Abdelwahed and Natalia Escobar performing on night one of the two-part opening extravaganza with Dis Fig, Illum Sphere and Laura Clock will be taking over at midnight on Friday, March 24. Other related happenings of club news is that the first Friday event Get Perlonized at the Panorama Bar inside Berghain, which is the longest running party held at the establishment, had the March 3rd listing deleted this week with no replacement.