Here’s The Roller Coaster Of Emotions We Felt While Listening to Willco’s “Literally Fuck Genres”


Earlier this week, Perth-based DJ Willco released a new mix that might actually be one of the most ridiculous, over-the-top and extremely entertaining mixes I’ve listened to lately, which he personally describes as “20 minutes of your life you won’t get back”: “Literally Fuck Genres.”

The mix itself is a glorious combination of hip hop, funk, drum-n-bass, tracks you never thought you’d hear with an electronic spin, numerous genres that we never would have even thought of to include and, quite frankly, some songs I think he may have personally pulled from the iPod shuffle I used back in middle school.

Two of our team members, myself and fellow writer Shelby Condon, took on the laborious tasks of writing down our feelings as we explored twenty minutes of confusion and a roller coaster of emotions. Keep in mind that we are both more faithful to the house and techno genres, so this was an unexpectedly intriguing venture into a new world for us. As you listen to it – whether it’s your first or your fifth time (yes, we’ve listened to it that many times already) – see if your thoughts align with ours at all.

0:00 I’m suddenly wanting to play Mario Kart

1:07 Is Seinfeld playing in a different tab?

1:55 Aaaaand already terrified.

2:09 I played this song every day on the bus to middle school #RIPiPodShuffle

2:38 I thought this was going well for about half a second… and once again questioning if music is playing in another tab.

3:31 My high school boyfriend sent me this song as his way of telling me he cheated on me…

3:57 I don’t have words for this. Did we move to a rodeo? Are there cowboys? Rave rodeo? Someone please clarify


5:02 I honestly feel so cheated right now.

5:30 Ok, I needed this to calm me down after lack of Shrek singing.

5:45 The childhood emo stage of the mix has commenced. This was the remix emo stage Shelby never knew she needed. Note to self: never get side bangs again.

6:40 Oh. Do I hear Mambo #5?

6:50 This mix-in makes me uncomfortable. It’s not bad… but it’s also not good?

7:00 I lied, it’s bad.

7:10 My jaw has dropped and I have lost the ability to regulate my own breathing.

7:30 Can I go home now?

8:15 I always liked this drop. I’m just a little scared where it’s going to go now. Hesitant… but hopeful…

9:00 Deep Down Low vs One More Time is too much for my brain to comprehend.

9:30 Usually I would have been excited to hear RL Grime in a set… now I am terrified.

11:00 Ok fine, I enjoyed that last minute more than I am proud to admit.

11:11 Where could this go next? At this point we seem to have hit about every extreme.

11:52 How am i only halfway through? So many emotions.


13:21 Oh my god, Jessie McCartney is back. This is just my childhood coming back to haunt me.

14:03 Did I press the next button on accident? What happened…

15:19 I have a headache.

16:02 Yes. This track. This I can do.

16:34 …nevermind. I can’t keep getting my hopes up like this.

18:50 QUICK there’s only a minute left, let’s put in ALL OF THE GENRES.

19:24 I am leaving that experience feeling very stressed out but looking back over my notes I think I might have had a good time? I honestly can’t tell…

In sum, this might be one of the most genius mixes we’ve heard in a long time. So many emotions, so little time.

You can give it a listen below.

Willco – Literally Fuck Genres