Here’s What’s Inside Marshmello’s Helmet

What's Inside

Marshmello is now a name known across the whole country, as he has brought his hybrid trap and big room style into the spotlight. He’s been getting bigger and bigger everyday and is currently on his ‘Ritual’¬†tour, which ends on January 21st in San Francisco.

Recently, a couple fans who have a YouTube show called “What’s Inside” did a episode about what’s inside the Marshmello helmet. The host got to go backstage at one of his shows and get a helmet to take back home. Back at his place, he tries it on and sees it’s a perfect fit. He then saws it open to find a headband type bracket to hold the helmet in place and some LED lights for special effects. Makes me wonder, are all of Marshmello’s helmets made the same? Check out the video below.