Skrillex Responds to Claims of Stealing Artwork for From First To Last’s New Single

Skrillex recently surprised his fans by releasing a new single with his career-launching band From First to Last.  The single, entitled ‘Make War’, is Sonny Moore’s first song with his band since 2007.  Skrillex teamed up with designers Susboy and Jabbathekid to create artwork for the new song – however, allegations of the the artwork being unoriginal surfaced after the single’s artwork was seen by San Francisco Bay area band Culture Abuse.

Culture Abuse took to Twitter to claim that From First to Last had stolen their album’s artwork which featured a Peach, pink and yellow hues, and a fence in the background.

From First to Last’s artwork did have a strikingly similar appearance to Culture Abuse’s album artwork by having similar colors, a peach, and barbed wire.  One of the designers, Jabbathekid, has an Instagram that is filled with fruits with edgy embellishments such as nails, chains, and wire. Culture Abuse was not having it and did not care if this was the artist’s style.

Skrillex’s response to the Punk/Hardcore Band’s Tweet was nothing short of class and positivity. He claimed that “It was a complete coincidence, and we would never disrespect or appropriate another artist’s work. Shoutout to Culture Abuse, and as a positive to come from this, hopefully people will go check out their music and show them some love.”

Culture Abuse and Skrillex quickly resolved the conflict and mutual respect for the musicians was gained.