Goldfish Is Taking Over The EDMTunes Instagram This Saturday


Goldfish is undoubtedly one of the most successful EDM acts ever from the continent of Africa. David Poole and Dominic Peters have been making their luscious brand of live, organic house music for over a decade, since the two both met while studying jazz in college in South Africa. Goldfish incorporate a number of eclectic live instruments into their productions and live sets, namely a upright double bass, an alto sax, a pan flute, and a host of other instruments that are ordinarily no where to be scene during an EDM show.

Goldfish are gearing up to release their first album in four years this spring, prefaced by the excellent single Deep of the Night, which they put out in November.

Dave and Dom are currently in Nicaragua, putting the finishing touches on their upcoming album and also enjoying some of the best surfing in the Caribbean. The Goldfish boys are taking over the EDMTunes Instagram account this weekend, showcasing their adventures in tropical paradise.

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