Cosmic Gate – Materia: Part One


Cosmic Gate – Materia: Part One

Cosmic Gate has really hit it out of the park with the new album Materia.  The duo released their album today and it is jam packed with collaborations including artists such as Ferry Corsten and ilan Bluestone. Every track on the their seventh studio album is representative of Cosmic Gate’s style and will you keep you wanting more.

Materia has several guaranteed bangers that combine suspenseful melodies with the top notch magical voices of JES, Eric Lumiere, Julie Thompson, and more.  Cosmic Gate fans will want to listen to the whole album thoroughly as each track gets better and better with each play. Highlights of the new album include ‘Fall into You’, ‘Fireflies’, ‘Edge of Life’, and ‘Dynamic’ which was co-produced with Ferry Corsten. These songs will take the listeners through a deep musical journey with perfectly layered piano chords, soft percussive beats, ethereal synths, and excellently paired lyrics.

Cosmic Gate stays true to their sound and reinvigorates the trance music genre with Materia. Bossi of Cosmic Gate describes the album:

“Each track we finished over its 12-month timeline, we became evermore aware of how fundamentally ‘Cosmic Gate’ the developing album sounded. Who knows? Maybe these’ll be the ones that, over time, people will hold up and say: “hey, this is what Cosmic Gate are all about”.

Cosmic Gate has plans to release part two of Materia later in 2017 because one album could not contain the amount of content that was produced.

Nic Chagall excitingly said, “we ended up with far more album demos than any of our previous releases, and with a higher ratio of ones we wanted to include. Far too many for one release. It was a nice problem to have, sure, but a problem nonetheless! So the idea came about to tell the story of ‘Materia’ over more than one album.”

2017 holds a lot of excitement for Cosmic Gate fans since Materia: Part One has shown to be a stunning piece of work. The duo has several dates lined up for their Materia Album Tour this year including their upcoming appearances at Groove Cruise in Miami, Stereo Live in Houston, and Marquee in NYC. Additional Tour dates can be found here.

Take a listen to the first single of the album, ‘Fall into You’, below. Download the Highly Anticipated album on here.