Coachella Owner Under Fire for Donating to Conservative Groups

coachella owner

Politics has become so tumultuous at this point in America, that diversity of opinion is constantly under attack. There is a large group of people that no longer believe in two styles of governance. These people are of the opinion that you either agree with them, or you’re evil and worthy of scorn and derision. This week the blogosphere was set alight by articles claiming the owner of AEG (which owns Coachella), was anti-gay, a science denier, and an enemy of freedom. Unsurprisingly, this news shocked the conscience and drew plenty of angry reacts from the Coachella fandom.

Of course, the truth is that we’re seeing another bout of libel “fake news”. That is, misconstruing a story and then proclaiming an opinion as a factual headline to damage the political opposition. So, what’s the real story? The Washington Post, an extremely left leaning publication, published a report showing that Philip Anshutz has donated money to some conservative and Christian groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom, National Christian Foundation, and Family Research Council. Citing the director of liberal Colorado think tank, Progress Now Colorado, The Post declared that Anschutz hates the LGBT community and hates science based on the donations.

So the news here is that the owner of Coachella is a traditional Christian, and some liberal groups and news outlets predictably just can’t even about it. There’s something anti-Democratic about calling somebody anti-LGBT and an enemy of freedom just because they might be a conservative, but in today’s media landscape most outlets report that as a distinction without a difference. Luckily this is still a free country and Anschutz is allowed to donate to the Family Research Council just as The Post can support Greenpeace. Even better, those who believe The Post’s report can still express their disagreement by not going to Coachella.

Source: UPROXX