BPM Festival Organizers Give Statement After Shooting

BPM Festival

This year’s BPM Festival in Mexico ended in tragedy, as there was a shooting on the last day that left five people dead. Besides a post that came just hours after the attack and a confirmation that BPM will not be taking place in Playa del Carmen anymore, organizers have not said much since the attack until now. Organizers recently issued a new statement and you can check out part of it below:

Of course, this tragic incident and its aftermath has been the subject of media coverage in Mexico, North America and elsewhere. Unfortunately, much of what is being reported is based on speculation and misinformation from unidentified sources. In the confusion of the aftermath we understand how this may happen, however it is still troubling to see. At this time, we will not be commenting publicly so as not to interfere with, or impede, the ongoing police investigation. 

Our continued thoughts and deepest sympathies are with the families and friends of those victimized by the shooting. 

We want to assure all our loyal patrons and supporters that nothing is more important to BPM than the safety of our music fans who have participated these past 10 years in our music festivals. All of us at BPM truly appreciate your loyalty and support.

The organizers seems to be referring to the various news stories surrounding the Zetas cartel’s involvement in the attack. The group recently claimed responsibility for the shooting. The statement also provided the names of the victims and even included a link to a gofundme page for Kirk Wilson, one of the security workers who lost his life.

We’re sure this won’t be the last piece of news surrounding the Blue Parrot shooting, so expect more statements from The BPM Festival in the near future. Read the full post below: