Afrojack Being Sued For $25 Million By Ex-Girlfriend


Nick Van de Wall, better known by his stage name as DJ Afrojack, has found himself in a bit of a dilemma. The Grammy Award winning artist and producer is being sued by former girlfriend, Lauren Meditz, for $25 million for his mistreatment towards her throughout their relationship.

Meditz claims that Van de Wall performed excessively aggressive behavior, was overly controlling and even threatened suicide in at least one occasion. She described in one situation where Meditz declined to witness Van de Wall compete in the annual Gumball 3000 race which led to him threatening to purposely crash his custom Lamborghini if she did not return his calls.

The pair reportedly met in October of 2014 through mutual friends and have dated for around a year. Their relationship came to a close last May during one of Afrojack’s performances in Las Vegas when she decided to accompany her friends opposed to remaining backstage with him. As a result of her noncompliance, he requested security to escort her from the venue.

The excessive controlling behavior supposedly reached its climax when Van de Wall demanded that Meditz change her physical appearance to portray a certain look. She claims that he “forced” her to changer her hair, get Botox and face fillers.

Meditz worked for a nightclub in Los Angeles, but was urged by Van de Wall to leave her job and accompany him during his travels. She ultimately quit her job when supposedly the two came to a verbal agreement on June 14, 2015, that upon dissolution of their relationship, all of Van de Wall’s property would be divided in favor of Meditz. However, when Van de Wall shipped her back her belongings after their break-up, there were many items missing or damaged.

On another occasion, Van de Wall allegedly committed fraud when he requested that she fly to Brazil with him to attend one of his shows but her Visa was rejected. Following the rejection, Van de Wall supposedly had his talent agency write a letter stating that she was actually an employee of the producer. However, the request would eventually be rejected yet again.

Afrojack’s attorney has recently broken the silence of the situation and stated:

“The absurd lawsuit filed by disgruntled ex-girlfriend Lauren Meditz is nothing more than a shakedown of Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack. These claims are completely false and fictional. You don’t have a valid claim just because your ex-boyfriend ends the relationship with you. This is not the first time that Ms. Meditz has filed this type of lawsuit. We are very confident this matter will be promptly dismissed.”

Meditz is suing for $25 million, their dog, and a 2015 White Range Rover Sport that was reportedly gifted to her by Van de Wall. As this story continues to unravel, stay tuned to EDMTunes for further updates with the situation.

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