The Young Pope Praises Daft Punk in Upcoming HBO Series

The Pope praising Daft Punk? Clearly this isn’t real life, it’s HBO. Next month, HBO is kicking off the limited series event called The Young Pope. The show features Jude Law as a vivacious young Pope that is intended to bring modernity to the Catholic Church, but his cutting wit and his true nature comes as a surprise to all. The show already aired in Europe on Sky Network, so many of the episodes are out there ahead of the HBO release on January 15.

Suffice it to say the show is beautifully shot and you absolutely should watch it when it hits the airwaves. Jude Law’s Pope Pious XIII ends up being like a Marco Rubio style pontiff, in more ways than one. In one scene he remarks on how to build a legendary following, listing examples of famous creatives. He lists Banksy as one of the most impactful artists, and then he asks his assistants who the most important electronic music artist is. His assistants are baffled, but he gives the easy answer that Daft Punk is the most important electronic artist of all time. Clearly this Pope gets it, butsadly we’d be hard pressed to find any real life world leader of that stature who shares his opinion….yet. You can check out the short clip below and the full trailer for this fantastic limited series above.