TROUZE Releases Remix Package of “Intersection”, w/ Gazzo, Project 46 & Kodrin

International producer supergroup TROUZE (based out of both Singapore and Los Angeles) have released a remix package of their recent track “Intersection”. TROUZE chose 3 remarkably very different producers to remix the track; Gazzo, Project 46 and Kodrin, resulting in 3 separate versions that could all be stand out singles in their own right. The remix package is available for purchase here.

Here’s what TROUZE had to say about each remix:

Trouze on Gazzo’s Remix:

“In line with the sounds of his new EP – brings out the melody with his use of trendy sounds and smart production – really like how he interplays between the guitar riffs he created and our vocals. bassline is real catchy and builds nicely into a very trendy vocal drop.”

Trouze on Project 46’s Remix:

“It really intensifies the retro and future elements of the original. Accurately represents the continued evolution of Project 46’s sound starts off 80’s nostalgia-drenched electric/acoustic piano pads before plunging into a groovy future bassline and skittering, atmospheric pitched and detuned vocal cuts carry the drop.”

Trouze on Kodrin’s Remix:

“Captures the subculture of the after hours vibe. Sexy bassline, ethereal atmospheric sounds and a gradual build takes the listener on a much deeper and almost thoughtful journey into the vocals.”