The New Supercar to Be Parked in deadmau5’s Garage is Finally Here

Deadmau5's Garage
With the amount of money that deadmau5 collects through everything music and beyond, he seems to be throwing a nice sizable chunk of his earnings on fancy cars. The world famous producer is well known for his Nyan Cat Ferrari and Nissan GTR, coffee rides with individuals such as Darude and Game of Thrones’ Hodor and now, deadmau5’s garage has a new toy. Joel has been one of the 500 selected to purchase the newly released 2017 Ford GT.

With a hefty price tag of $450,000, its design isn’t far behind in being some of the most sought after looks in the automobile community. Produced to be raced in the WeatherTech Sports Car Championship, the specs, while not released as of yet, have to be impressive to compete with the other models and brands in the racing series.