PillReports Shares First-Hand Experiences With Consumers

NBC Connecticut

For those looking to go on a pill-induced adventure at a club or a rave, finding said pill can often become a risky process. Even if you think you know what you’re buying, you could very well be wrong. But if the idea of not knowing your exact fate makes you uneasy, have no fear! PillReports is here… with very detailed, user-written reports of exactly what happens when you go on your journey.

PillReports is, according to the site, a “global database of Ecstasy pills based on both subjective user reports and scientific analysis.” The website serves to collect personal accounts of what exactly happens while on certain Ecstasy pills, from Purple Strawberries to Yellow Snapchats, from the drop to the come down.

The reports give readers quite the thorough description of the pills’ details, starting with an image of the pill and the location in which it was found. Other descriptors include the color, size, texture, and suspected contents. If the writer tested the pill, they can include that as well. The stars of PillReports, however, are obviously the first-hand accounts submitted by users.

Check out this recent report on a Purple Strawberry below.


If you’re about to drop a pill, chances are you’d love to know exactly what kind of mess you’re getting yourself into, or more likely, if you’re getting yourself into a mess at all. Now, PillReports might be able to help you out.

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