justice essential mixAlas, the moment we have all been waiting for: for the first time since 2007, Justice is back on the Essential Mix with a brand new, two-hour set. This set closes out the Essential Mix for 2016 – a fitting close to the year.

The mix is as fantastic as we could have expected, featuring a number of influential artist samples including Pink Floyd, Frank Ocean, The Rolling Stones, Gesaffelstein, Tame Impala and a number of other influential artists – along with, obviously, their own tracks from their new album, Woman. You can see the full tracklist here.

The artists, when introducing the mix, said: “Hi this is Justice. We made this Essential Mix to show another side of the music we love and don’t normally get to play at clubs or festivals. It’s slow, moody, and heavy. We hope you enjoy the ride.”

Give the set a listen below and prepare yourself for two hours of greatness.