Eric Prydz Debuts Beautiful Track in Memory of Fallen Fan

eric prydz

Get your tissue box ready, because you’re going to need it. A few weeks ago, we told you the devastating story of the Eric Prydz fan who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Eric granted James Lillo his dying wish to perform one last show for him, but sadly, he didn’t make it long enough. Eric was so gutted about what happened, that he ended up doing two shows at Sound Nightclub in honor of James to donate the proceeds to cancer research.

For those unaware, James was a die-hard Prydz fan and active in his Reddit forum. The shows in his honor were more than just a loving tribute, but an opportunity for Eric’s most most die-hard fan community to come together during a difficult and sad time. Needless to say, Eric channeled the emotions of James’ passing and crafted a gorgeous track which he debuted at Sound Nightclub. The track is known as Lillo ID3 and is awash in beautiful uplifting melodies, made heartwrenching in the context in which it was played. In the sadness that cancer has brought on us, it is touching to see that James might live on immortalized in music by his favorite producer, Eric Prydz. Check out the video (and some other Lillo IDs) below and donate to the cause here.