Where one door closes a zoo gate opens. By now we’ve all heard that Tomorrowland Brazil is “taking off” for 2017. The disappointing news compounded the sadness of TomorrowWorld’s disappearance. However, SFX LiveStyle apparently has a backup plan which slots in perfectly where Tomorrowland Brazil once was.

Today Electric Zoo announced a Brazilian edition touching down April 21, 2017. Electric Zoo is also owned by LiveStyle and clearly EZoo Brazil is timed right around when Tomorrowland Brazil would have been. Electric Zoo ended up making money for the company in a year where Tomorrowland (and TomorrowWorld) lost money for the company. This move also makes sense because it is a clever method of downsizing and cutting costs. EZoo will only be 1 day rather than 3, and is a markedly smaller festival in terms of footprint and production cost than Tomorrowland. We can expect to see the signature Cobra stage coming to Brazil along with the rest of the cool neon zoo theme. Pre-sale registration begins January 7.