Better Withu

Dooqu & Luke Cusato – Better Withu

We’ve got this blissful tune from our friends over at Heroic Recordings by Dooqu & Luke Cusato to keep you warm in this icy cold winter. Supertalent producer Dooqu laid down the perfect quirky canvas for Luke Cusato’s angelic vocals – soft melodies, unique percussion choices and bass punches here and there skate over Cusato’s delectable falsetto. A tribute to a sweeter and simpler love, “Better With U” is the perfect love story.

Dooqu & Luke Cusato – Better Withu | Download/Stream

“Dooqu has done such a brilliant job creating great contrast and dynamics within this track; from using beautiful lullaby-like piano melodies to big rhythmic drops. I feel that paired with my playful and hooky vocals makes this a pretty unique release. I work with a great writer too, Ali Ingle.” – Luke Cusato