Adventure Club Releases ‘Red//Blue’ Album


Adventure Club – Red//Blue

The rise of EDM over the last few years can only be described as meteoric. DJs and producers that were literally mixing in their bedrooms just a few years ago are now playing massive stages for thousands of fans at a time. Regardless of your favorite type of dance music (trance, dubstep, hardstyle, etc.), there are a few names that are insanely reliable to deliver amazingly recognizable tracks. One of those names is Adventure Club. The duo of Leighton James and Christian Srigley became recognizable with their melodic dubstep that resonated with fans globally.

Well the duo has just released their much-anticipated album, Red//Blue and it’s everything we could possibly want. Adventure Club enthusiasts will love the classic melodic tracks like “Dreams”, “Limitless” featuring Delaney Jane, and “Fade” (personal favorite). While new fans will love those tracks too, AC also provides some variety with tracks like “Reaction” featuring Leah Culver and “Crash 2.0″; a refreshed take on one of their all-time classic hits.

Listening to this album is exciting and it’s even more thrilling to see this duo succeed. These two guys are grounded and just all around good guys. Be sure to support this album on iTunes or pick out your favorite tracks from the stream below!

Adventure Club – Red//Blue Download