Ticketmaster Announces That It Will Sell Tickets On Spotify


Ticketmaster and Spotify are teaming up to make getting you to events even easier. Yesterday, the two announced they will be starting something new by putting links to buy tickets on pages on Spotify.

This is a huge step for marketing artists and their shows. It will provide fans with direct links to get tickets to the artists they are currently listening to. Spotify already works with concert database website Songkick, so any shows that Ticketmaster is not providing tickets to should still be seen on their site. Let’s hope this has a positive impact on the industry and brings even more experiences to more people.

An official statement from Spotify is below:

We’re also furthering our commitment to the live space through a new partnership with Ticketmaster. Starting this week, we’ll be integrating their concert listings into artist pages, the recommended concerts feature, and our emails. Ticketmaster’s global scale provides Spotify users with the most diverse options for live events and will help drive more fans to concerts. Working directly with the Ticketmaster team and their data feeds will simplify the purchase experience and deepen our understanding of how recommendations drive sales. By combining listening data with purchase behavior, we’ll be able to refine our recommendations — and ultimately provide you with a sharper understanding of your fans.
We’ll continue partnering with Songkick for concerts that aren’t being sold via Ticketmaster. Through Songkick’s comprehensive database of shows, we’ll ensure that every date — no matter who you ticket through — is listed and can be recommended to fans around the world.