We’re Wishing Meowingtons A Speedy Recovery


Everyone who follows deadmau5 on social media knows that he loves and respects his cat Meowingtons more than anyone or anything on this planet. The adorable kitten has been featured numerous times on Joel’s Instagram account as well as in his photography. Unfortunately, his furry little feline friend has become sick. What the sickness is exactly, we are not sure of. But Joel is not taking it as a joke, and hopes that his cat will make a speedy recovery.

Despite the sad news of Mr. Meowingtons, fans still have a new album to look forward to. W:/2016ALBUM/ will be released on December 2nd, and the mau5 himself joined Pete Tong on his radio show to preview a track from the album entitled “4Ware“. Stating that much of his inspiration for his new music came from 80’s sci-fi fantasy, there is much to look forward to with this new album. Keep an eye out for more new music previews, and definitely keep Meowingtons in your thoughts tonight.

Poor meowingtons 🙁 feel better soon buddy!

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