HYTYD Releases Debut Single, AHHH, With Major Support from OWSLA’s Snails



Huge. Freaking huge. HYTYD is making huge waves with this one, and it’s been a long time coming. A successful career can be built on remixes, but a legendary one isn’t launched until originals start dropping, and man has HYTYD taken off with this one. “AHHH” has been on our radar for a little while now, and yours most likely, if you’re a fan of Snails or any of the OWSLA crew. HYTYD has been seen with, and performed B2B with the aforementioned artist, who’s been dropping this track live and in the latest Snailed It mix, so it was only a matter of time before it dropped for real. Unlike some of his more wavy and smooth remixes of past, this takes his sound in a more current progression, with incredible energy and a throwback style electro drop with 2016 refinement. We’re looking forward to what he’s planning on next, and knowing HYTYD, it’s gonna be big.

“Each and every one of you play a MASSIVE part in this release and the next release which will follow. I couldn’t do this with out the love & support. THANK YOU SO MUCH – LOVE YOU ALL <3” – HYTYD

HYTYD – AHHH | iTunes | Free Download

Featured Snailed It