Deadmau5 is teasing us with more new videos and this time it looks like he is going to reveal a new cube. He has said on social media for awhile now that he has been working on a even bigger and better cube, referring to the stage he performs on at his shows.

The cube is the shape of a rubix cube turned on its side. The entire surface is made of LED visual boards and, when you add in what his creative visuals team are capable of doing with the whole surface to make it look like its morphing into different shapes, it makes Deadmau5’s live show one of the most amazing performances out there.

This time the tease came through an Instagram video post with the caption “Unveiling something new, dec 1st. Stay tuned ;)”.

Watch the video clip below and get ready!

Unveiling something new, dec 1st. Stay tuned 😉

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