Coroner Confirms MDMA Caused HARD Summer Deaths

HARD Summer

We hate having to come back to these kinds of stories, but the sad reality continues to exist in our scene. After a tumultuous event with two deaths in 2015, HARD Summer moved locations only to end with three unfortunate deaths in 2016. Now, the coroner has confirmed that the deaths were due to acute MDMA toxicity. The man and two women who died at 2016’s event were all treated at different area hospitals and were part of 9 medical transports from the festival this year. The three deaths at HARD Summer 2016 makes it the most ever caused at one high profile EDM festival.

Prior to HARD Summer, there had been a total of 4 drug related deaths at other festivals in San Bernadino County from 2006 to 2015. There has been no confirmation on whether HARD Summer would return in 2017. There has already been a proposal to ban raves at San Manuel Ampitheater, also located in the same county.

Source: Fontana Herald News