3LAU Explains Why He’s Not Voting

3LAU said he will not be voting in this election.

This election has certainly been a controversial one and celebrities have not withheld their two cents about it. Specifically within the EDM sphere, Damian Pinto, official host of Ultra Music Festival, voiced he would vote for Donald Trump. Bassnectar wrote a piece on how he’s supporting Hillary Clinton, but not because he likes her – because, blatantly, she’s not Trump. Deadmau5 joked the proper response is to move to Canada.

Now that election day has finally arrived, DJs like Diplo, Destructo, and more have been using the hashtag #WeDanceWeVote to encourage millennials to vote. Very few of the voting promotions involved either of the candidates, which was a breath of fresh air amidst the constant political debates happening across social media.

Taking a different stance, however, is 3LAU, who jumped on Facebook to announce he was not going to vote, and why.

“I don’t vote,” he wrote. “It’s my personal statement against a two party system / bicameralism, obviously bankrupt forms of politics that birthed two absolutely disgusting candidates :)”

The post stems, he wrote, from someone calling him irresponsible for not voting.

In summary, the producer wrote that no one should judge someone for their candidate of choice, and that a vote does not necessarily mean a complete agreement with every and all political ideals and plans the candidate poses.

“Remember,” he wrote, “we are being forced to choose the lesser of two evils.”

This is not the first time 3LAU took to social media to address a hot topic in the dance scene. Last month he wrote about DJ Mag’s Top 100 and why it still matters to some DJs.

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