NYC Officer Scratches Vinyl In Front Of Crowd Amid Police Scrutiny


It is a very controversial time in the United States, as police officers have been accused of illegally killing unarmed men and women of color throughout the country. Every move police officers make nowadays is being looked over very closely and they are being scrutinized for every little thing they do, warranted or not. There are videos of officers carrying out heinous acts towards unarmed citizens, but this video of an NYPD officer’s scratching chops is a breath of fresh air from all the negativity towards law enforcement.

At the Maker Faire in Queens, NY, a uniformed officer took over the decks that were at the faire and displayed some pretty impressive turntable skills, which were recorded by a bystander. With the dark cloud hovering over law enforcement throughout the country and especially in NYC, this video is a beautiful site to see.

H/T: EDM Sauce