Matt Medved Reveals Industry Insights and Dance Music Progression In Asia


Matt Medved
Ten years ago, dance music’s global popularity prevailed in more exclusive circles, remaining as a more subdued genre compared to the more mainstream pop and R&B hits that took over the radio airwaves. However, in just the past couple of years, the music has rapidly expanded into various global markets, while simultaneously overshadowing other genres and defeating the music charts.

Senior Editor of Billboard Dance Matt Medved recently sat down with Billboard Radio Asia to talk about everything from dance music’s growing impact in Asia to the recent closing of the London music landmark Fabric. He also delves into his own musical background, discussing his growth into the scene and his budding reputation as a leading dance music influencer through his position at Billboard Dance.

“I learned how to curate as an opening DJ, because you can’t play the hits,” Medved says. “You actually have to dig deeper to find good songs that are going to make people move in order to set the pace for the night and warm up the crowd for the big guys. And that has helped me with music discovery for Billboard.”

Read more about his interview here and listen below to hear Matt Medved’s full scope into the music world’s fastest evolving industry.