BOO! Arizona Was An Absolute Hit

 photo Boo-AZ-Festival-Rawhide-161015-108-1200x800_zpsvua2ewjs.jpg

This past weekend, event production powerhouses Insomniac, and Relentless Beats, wowed fans with the premier of an all new event series, which kicked off this past Saturday, October 15th, in Phoenix Arizona, one of dance music’s newest strongholds.

Phoenix’s BOO! was the first of the three new Halloween themed events organized by Insomniac. It properly set the tone for the two events to come.

Featuring a top tier lineup of some of bass music’s most iconic names, as well as some of the genres hottest emerging artists, fans were in for a unique and powerful new EDM experience. photo cb38c3bb8b5040d79289b4cdb9ecdd4c.imagepng.2527313.png.boo_phx_2016_an_general_asset_1080x1080_r01_zpsakupslne.jpg

Phoenix kicked off the series by hosting the extremely talented emerging artists, Bijou, G Jones, WukiGhastly, NGHTMRE, and Snails. The massive party was then closed out by bass music legends, Excision, and Knife Party.

Many aspects of this past weekend’s event were truly phenomenal.

A first thing that immediately stood out on arrival to the festival grounds was the attention to detail. Immediately one was immersed in halloween themed decorations, as well as meaningful interactions with the friendly staff. Although the entrance and security line was never longer than a ten minutes, in anticipation for the crowd, a row of portable toilettes, and other amenities were available to the festival-goer before even entering the gate. This gave festival attendees the chance they needed to relieve themselves, and prepare, before entering the cue.

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(Photo By: Jacob Tyler Dunn)

The festival line was efficient and well organized. Although thorough, security was friendly, funny, and minimally invasive, according to a number of attendees both male and female.

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(Photo By: Jacob Tyler Dunn)

Immediately when entering the festival, fans were able to run free and explore the large field, which led to the massive hangar, which held the festival’s massive, fully themed stage. The field was home to dozens of unique vendors, food booths both gourmet, and deliciously unhealthy, as well as stations to grab free water, drinks, and just simply hang out.

 photo Boo-AZ-Festival-Rawhide-161015-002-1200x795_zps8llcjaad.jpg(Photo By Tony Cottrell)

Inside the hangar itself, the massive stage dominated ones field of view. Home to dozens of high intensity lasers, well mapped lights, and high resolution LED panels, the stage was truly a sight to behold. It was definitely one of the best Arizona has seen yet. To top it all off, the stage was draped with a state of the art PK Trinity sound system, which projected extremely intense, but perfectly pure audio at the crowd.

 photo Boo-AZ-Festival-Rawhide-161015-086-1200x675_zpskkzk1va2.jpg

(Photo By Tony Cottrell)

This event was excellent, as a whole, from the talent, to the production, to the people. There were plenty of good vibes to go around all night, as the costumed crowd, mingled and relaxed on the large lawn, danced in the light of the massive stage, and enjoyed the many amenities this festival offered.

 photo 14715676_10155327536857678_4932670181970957270_o_zpsuq2dud7n.jpg

(Photo By Jacob Tyler Dunn)

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Get Excited! There are still two more stops to go! Dallas, and San Fransisco are next.