DJ Khaled Reveals Upcoming Coachella Performance

DJ Khaled

It’s getting hard to figure out who’s actually playing what with so many rumored performances being thrown around left and right. The rise of social media has given any Joe Shmo the ability to say whatever he wants, which is clearly what’s been happening lately in the music world.

But the rise of social media has also given this ability to artists and their parties, who are really the only people who can confirm anything legitimate pretty much ever.

One of the biggest celebrity proponents of spewing information over social media has, of course, become DJ Khaled. The hip hop producer has become wildly known – and meme’d – for his Snapchat rants about “they”, “the keys” and “LIONNNNS”.

Now, with Khaled’s lack of filter on social media comes an accidental revelation: he will perform at Coachella 2017.

The news comes from a leaked video clip of Khaled showing us him presumably sitting in a meeting with a glass of none other than the expected Ciroc. In the video, someone from his team is heard saying, “So, we already basically confirmed Coachella, right?” To which Khaled responds, “Yeah we did”.

So there you have it. We can all walk with Khaled on the path to success this festival season. Major key.


H/T: Dancing Astronaut