virtual reality

Boiler Room, for many avid listeners and fans in the electronic music world, has always been an impossible-to-reach dream – an enigma of sorts that holds a reputation unlike any other experience out there. Spending hours in a packed and sweaty room, having the opportunity to stand inches away from a DJ spinning his or her heart out blasting amazing tracks? Yes please. Now it looks like those of us who have never been able to make it to a Boiler Room set may actually have an opportunity, as they have partnered with Inception, a virtual reality conglomerate, to create the first ever virtual reality music venue.

The goal of this platform will be to allow ravers and fans to feel as if they are truly experiencing what it’s like to partake in a Boiler Room rave from the comfort of their own VR system. Boiler Room CEO Blaise Bellville explained the aim of the venue as bringing “people even closer to what it’s like being at a sweaty rave or an amazing concert half-way across the world.”

This virtual club is due to launch in 2017, at which point Boiler Room and Inception will throw co-produced special events on the music platform.

Itching for Boiler Room music already? Here’s Skrillex’s Boiler Room set in Shanghai from earlier this month.