porterOh, how far we’ve come. September 13, 2016: five years ago, Porter Robinson released his ‘Spitfire‘ EP – a big win for Porter, as well as the first release from OWSLA.

OWSLA, created by DJ and producer Skrillex a.k.a. Sonny Moore, kicked its career off with the release of this EP. The term “owsla” actually comes from a fantasy novel by Richard Adams called “Watership Down” – a favorite of Sonny’s about a group of rabbits that does its best to avoid the grasp of an elite rabbit army called Owsla.

At the time of the release back in 2011, Porter was only 19 years old, hailing from North Carolina and working towards dreams of being a much-loved DJ and producer. In a 2011 interview with Billboard discussing the release of this EP, Porter was more than pleased to be a part of the original crew:

“OWSLA is sick because of its attitude and approach to its artists. It’s less overtly formal. It’s like the label just exists amongst friends. I think a lot of labels end up having an adversarial relationship with their artists because their interests aren’t always aligned, and OWSLA isn’t like that.”

We appreciate all that you have done and created, guys – cheers to five years.