Stookie Sound - Endz (Review By Terry Gotham)

Stööki Sound – Endz (Ö.N.E Worldwide)

It’s always great to hear from Stööki Sound, one of the excellent rising stars that I’ve tried to keep tabs on this year. They’ve got a tight, effective sound that has gotten a lot of attention. “Endz” is a worldbeat flavored, lilting, gorgeous track. The modern feel meshes with the old school guitar work and the beat that smells strongly of the Playa del Sol and points further east, all the way to the Middle East. It’s the debut single off of of their new EP, Ösiris, which is coming out on their new label Ö.N.E Worldwide! Talk about going it alone!

Its trap and syncopated beat structure doesn’t slouch. This is in no way a background track, this drop will pull you in and get you belly dancing with your friends. After being supported by Flosstradamus, Bassnectar, A-Trak, 12th Planet & TroyBoi before release, you’re gonna hear this in a ton of places over the next couple of months. Even though the festival season is over, this tune is going to get a lot of miles as the Fall takes over. It’s a perfect transition between bangers, helping your dance floor cool off, before throwing them back into the big bass fire you’re stoking. Stööki Sound is also heading out on tour, so if you get a chance to see them, DO SO! If you absolutely must have the track, grab it on iTunes now!

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