We Haven’t Given Up Yet: Apple’s Wireless AirPods Can Be Fixed With A $10 Cord


Maybe we shouldn’t lose faith in the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 yet (though, let’s be honest: most of us have already accepted the fact that we’ll lose those AirPods in an instant). Have no fear, friends: there is a $10 wire that fixes the inconveniences of those pesky wireless headphones.

Spigen offers an AirPods Strap that connect directly from one ear piece to the other, (hopefully) guaranteeing that you’ll be able to hang onto your AirPods for longer than you originally expecting. They’re tangle free, come with their own housing and allow you to hang them wherever you’d like.

They are due to arrive in late October, but you can grab a pair on Amazon now. We can only imagine that we’ll see a number of similar accessories coming shortly, but for now, you can relax a bit.

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