London Mayor Extends Invitation to Four Tet, Will Speak About Fabric Shut Down at City Hall

fabric london

This whole business about Fabric closing has gutted the electronic music community from every corner of this beautiful planet. The overwhelmingly support from the global DJ scene has been heard but seemingly didn’t make a difference in the decision by the local council. A few days after the official closing of this iconic club, Fabric has stated that there will be an appeal of the Islington Council’s ruling, which was not unanimous as we have come to find out, with the official campaign to re-open the Farringdon establishments begins next week.

In the more recent spectrum of developments surrounding this story, the major of London, Sadiq Khan, after having been DMed by Four Tet, otherwise known by his real name Kieran Hebden, formally invited the prestige producer to city hall to take part in a forum to discuss Fabric and the current clubbing debacle taking places in the London community, as club after club crumbles for one reason or another. Khan has a lot to live up to as one of his campaign promises while running for major was to assist in the rebuilding of the once vibrant nightlife that was the London scene years and years ago. “I don’t want young and creative Londoners abandoning our city to head to Amsterdam, to Berlin, to Prague where clubs are supported and allowed to flourish.”

Hebden has returned the favor by extending an invitation to Sadiq to join him for his show at the Brixton Academy in October, tweeting with a sly bit of enthusiasm that if the major shows up and requests a reload on skeng, there could be some hope yet.

In other news surrounding this dire situation involving club culture, Disclosure has recorded a two-hour set for the interwebs and beyond, broadcasted live on Facebook from Guy Lawrence’s kitchen. This is not the first time the Disclosure boys have done a low key mix in the privacy of their own kitchen, with the musical journey also giving praise to Jimpong’s recently released mix.

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