Alesso Gets Caught Up in Gary Johnson Implosion

gary johnson

If you’ve been following the 2016 US election, you’ve probably heard “Libertarian” Presidential candidate Gary Johnson argue that one major party choice is dumb and the other is a crook. Gary positioned himself as the sensible third option with knowledge and experience, until it all came crashing down today. In the wake of last night’s foreign policy discussion hosted between NBC and candidates Trump and Clinton, Johnson was caught like a deer in the headlights when asked an important foreign policy question.

For those unaware, Aleppo is one of the larger cities in Syria, an ISIS hot-spot, and the epicenter of the refugee crisis that has developed from the ongoing civil war there. He later said “I was thinking in terms of acronym Aleppo”, but the damage was done. Clearly everybody is not a Middle East expert, so it’s understandable that the average Joe isn’t familiar. However, those dance music minded news-watchers couldn’t help but draw Swedish DJ Alesso into the story. It’s unclear whether these fans were serious or joking, but the jokes make themselves at this point. Alesso seemed just as confused about the whole thing as Gary Johnson was by the question.