Zomboy Speaks Out Against Leakers

These days, the music industry is more cut throat than ever, and in order to stay in the public’s eye, artists have to not only release music on a regular basis, but also schedule these releases for specific times that will maximize their exposure. While we do all love when are favorite artists’ tracks leak before they were supposed to be released, these leaks can have a very negative effect on the success of the song. As the artists and their management work to build up the hype on a particular release, if the track is leaked, all of the hype is released prematurely which can actually lead to a potentially successful track flopping. At the same time though, a lot of music is actually leaked by the artists themselves because their management won’t allow them to release it officially. Zomboy recently spoke out about this on Twitter:

While he obviously appreciates getting the music early, there is no doubt that an artist of his acclaim has been on the short end of the ‘people getting music too early’ stick. While there are no current known Zomboy leaks, this tweet could be a reaction to attempted email or computer hacks, or even people receiving the music in confidence and than leaking it anyway. So next time you legitimately come upon a stream of a leaked track, understand that you could possibly hurt the artist by sharing it, but then go ahead and share it anyway because quite frankly, I would take a slap to listen to some unreleased Zomboy any day.