Styline Goes Old School with Gritty WestBam ‘Beatbox Rocker’ Remix

Beatbox Rocker

WestBam – Beatbox Rocker (Styline Remix)

Modern ‘Power House‘ from Styline takes a trip back in time for some old school goodness. Tackling WestBam’s hit, “Beatbox Rocker,” Styline’s kicking things up a notch giving this 1999 classic some serious teeth. His last release, “Usual Suspects,” took listeners down a psychedelic journey with an entrancing bassline and immersive vocals, and this remix does much of the same but in much more aggressive fashion. Utilizing that unmistakable ‘beat box rocker’ sample, Styline has grafted a gritty, grimmy, heavy, addicting, old school house banger with newschool powerhouse flare. Perfect for getting down on the dance floor in an underground warehouse or club. This remix really is a throwback to the good old days, and we’re hoping to hear more like this; with Styline’s ambitious release schedule, who knows, maybe we’ll get more and more of this down the road!

WestBam – Beatbox Rocker (Styline Remix)Free Download