RL Grime Teases Second Album on Snapchat

If you’re a big RL Grime fan, it might be time to get excited once again. The trap God is not only  back, but also appears to be putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album.

It’s been two long years since RL Grime released his first album, Void. Void’s tracklist had a few big name collaborations, including rapper Big Sean and Boyz Noise, and the solo productions didn’t go unnoticed either. According to Spotify‘s stream counts, “Core” was the second most streamed song from Void (3.76 million) and “Scylla” was third with just over 3 million plays.

After a long wait, Henry Steinway has finally hinted that he has an album on the way.  Over the weekend, RL posted a photo of a whiteboard that was completely scribbled out on his Snapchat.  However, at the top of the image, you can make out the only part of the whiteboard not covered by the scribble that reads “RL Album 2.”  We’d argue that it’s safe to assume this scribbled part of the whiteboard could be the tracklist for his next album.

BJGlrAMHopefully, this is a sign that there’s some new RL Grime on the way. It’s been about three months since he has uploaded a new track to SoundCloud – but the wait might be almost over. Get ready, trap fans.