Netflix Original EDM Film ‘XOXO’ Trailer Released

After the spectacular failure that was We Are Your Friends, many have been left wondering if the popular EDM world has a place in the film industry. Up next at the plate is XOXO, which has been buzzing since its announcement a number of months back. The trailer to this next EDM epic is now out, and it looks like it could have potential to bring back some of the respect that was lost. 

Starring Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, along with funnyman Chris D’Elia, the film appears to follow the saga of an up-and-coming bedroom producer who gets a chance to perform at ‘the biggest festival in America’, XOXO (a litigation-free EDC).  A jaded EDM purist (D’Elia), a new raver at her first festival (Hyland), and a starry-eyed producer (Graham Phillips) will undoubtably have their tales intertwined at the festival.

Check out the trailer and keep an eye out for the film, coming soon to Netflix.