In this day and age, there is no shortage of stellar remixes and covers of the scene’s hottest tracks, so it takes a lot to stand out. Well, that is what The Motel Brothers have done in their cover of The Chainsmokers’ “Don’t Let Me Down”/ Hailing from the University of Missouri, Jack Fargotstein and Jeremy Schmetterer put their own spin on the radio hit, not only singing the track but also rapping in their own unique verse. In a time when music producers get criticized for being button pushers who don’t play real instruments, it’s always nice to see them get the respect and admiration they deserve by those who do play traditional instruments. The Motel Brothers seem to get that, and they do a great job at doing those songs justice as well. If you like covers like these make sure to follow them on SoundCloud and on Facebook, where they will be releasing a new cover each Monday this Summer as a part of their #MotelMonday project. The Motel Brothers are currently working on the release of their sophomore EP, you can check out their first EP ‘Crossing Maryland’ here.